Opencart PayPal Standard Status confusion

When setting order statuses in Opencart, the general rule of thought is that when an order comes in it is being processed, once it is shipped, it is shipped and after the customer receives it, it’s complete. Simple yes? But when using PayPal standard – the most popular payment method – this isn’t always so straightforward. Just in case anyone like me has been confused by the order status settings in the back-end of Opencart when using PayPal Standard, here’s a bit of clarification:

There are three areas to set order status settings in Opencart 1.5:

  1. System > Localisation > Order Statuses
    This allows to actually create Order statuses, so if you want one called a very specific name e.g. ‘Warehouse Processing’, this is where you can create it and then select it in the other two areas. However, it comes with a list of predefined statuses which are usually enough for most people.
  2. System > Settings > Option (see under Checkout)
    This enables you to set the default Order Status for for when an order is processed, and an order stays that must be reached before customers can access downloadable products and gift vouchers. You may want this to match the default status created when funds go through with PayPal so people can instantly download products or use vouchers, otherwise they’ll have to wait for an administrator to change it.
  3. Extensions > Payments > PayPal Payments Standard
    This is where it went wrong for me. There is a whole list of statuses here, and the tendency is to follow the label for the select box. So in my case it seemed obvious where it said ‘Completed Status’ to set that to ‘Complete’. ‘Completed Status’ is actually the status Paypal sets it to after funds have gone through, and over-rides the default setting mentioned above in settings. However, we wanted  any order that just came through to be set to processing, since all our products are physical products that need shipping out. If you have only downloadable products, then ‘Complete’ may be the right status here, remembering that to allow customers to download straightaway it must match this in Syste > Settings > Option (see 2 above).

So with this in mind, we set the ‘Completed Status’ in the PayPal module to ‘Processing’. That way after an order had gone through, we could see it in the dashboard with a status of ‘processing’ and know we need to do something with it! Some people may prefer ‘Pending’, but hey, that’s up to you. I hope this helps!

Opencart PayPal Order Status

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