Monthly Archives: Aprile 2011

A versatile CMS is worth paying for

As a web developer often on a tight budget, it’s can be difficult to find the right tools for the job.

As far as a CMS (content management system) is concerned, it’s convenient to turn to WordPress or Joomla, amongst the popular out there. The only problem is that even with all the templates on hand for these products, they can still be difficult to translate a clients brief.

Also, I often have clients that just want a small site developing of a few pages, and when I mention a CMS, they insist this is not necessary for their needs.

As a small web developer, often my clients are new to owning a website, and it’s usually a few months down the line, after realising what I site can do for them, they start asking questions about regularly updating and adding to the site themselves.

So when I discovered the Perch CMS it came as a revelation.

Despite having to pay around £40 (inc VAT) for a one-off license, I feel it’s really worth it. The perch CMS can be implemented into any page of an existing site, and using it’s add-ons features you can have events sections and galleries that can easily be added to or updated through a web browser – and even the ability of an adminsitrator to add new pages based on templates you design. The time saved here whereby you can avoid redesigning a clients site in a free CMS like Joomla, makes the license fee in my opinion more than worth it.