Monthly Archives: Ottobre 2010

Reasons to go green

Anyone who is familiar with my site probably thinks I have an obsession with green.

But this isn’t true – I can appreciate every colour in a rainbow’s spectrum, but I will admit that the colour green does hold a special place for me.

Green is used on my site to tie in with the jungle theme derived from the name, with green being the predominant colour for plants in nature. It is thought that this association with nature is what gives green its calming properties, and has made it a popular choice in decorating when a relaxing effect is desired.

It was for this reason that a green colour scheme was used on a recent website I worked on (no – not my own ;o).

Sandy Farley is Psychosexual therapist based in Leicestershire, and commissioned the site

The site design is based on a corporate theme that is also used on her promotional literature and business cards.

But whereas green was used in sharp contrast on my own site against black and white for a contemporary look, pastel shades of green against light greys were used on Sandy’s site for a tranquil appeal.